A list can be found below containing many of the satisfied clients that our project managers and installers have worked with on Broadcast Integration projects in the past. You will also see a related list showing the various Broadcast Television facilities where these projects were completed.




Turner Entertainment
Passion City Church
Six Steps Records
National TeleConsultants
Technical Innovation
Broadcast Integration Group
The Systems Group
Tech Engineers
BroadNet Systems
Doyle Technologies
GeneSys International
Broadcast Technology Group
York Enterprises
Diversified Systems
Comprehensive Technical Group
EL Media Group
Hughes Integration

Turner Studios (Atlanta, GA)                                                         
Turner Network Operations (Atlanta, GA)                                     
Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA)
CNBC (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)                                                       
CNN (Atlanta, GA)                                                                         
ESPN (Bristol, CT)
UGA (Athens, GA)                                                                       
Fox (New York, NY - Las Vegas, NV - The Woodlands, TX)        
DirecTV (Los Angeles, CA)                                                            
CBC (Long Beach, CA)
MAET (Jackson, MS)
Wartburg College (Cedar Falls, IA)
Great American Country (Nashville, TN)
Echostar (Gilbert, AZ)
WLOS (Asheville, NC)
Speed Channel (Charlotte, NC)
WHIO (Dayton, OH)
NBC (San Jose, CA - Hartford, CT - Chicago, IL)
UPS (Atlanta, GA)
Crawford Media (Atlanta, GA)
Passion City Church (Atlanta, GA)
NBC Sports (Stamford, CT)
Univision (Miami, FL)
SwitchNap (Las Vegas, NV)
WSB (Atlanta, GA)
MSU Stadium (East Lansing, MI)
ASU Stadium (Montgomery, AL)
Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)

Our clients are not only the companies we do business with. They are also, perhaps more importantly, the people we do business with. We want genuine relationships, so our customers must feel genuinely satisfied when Inspired Excellence has finished the job.  Excellence you can see.